6 Helpful Tips for WFH from the ProductSamples.com Team

6 Helpful Tips for work from home from the ProductSamples.com Team

6 Helpful Tips for WFH from the ProductSamples.com Team

Nearly everyone has worked from home some point in the last 18 months, here are a few tips we pooled together to help anyone working from home get through your 9-5 schedule. Enjoy!

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Start the day eating well!

I like to make sure that I am eating a nutritious breakfast before going into a day of back-to-back calls. A wholesome breakfast in the morning keeps my energy up and I am able to get more work done without thinking about my next meal. - Meredith, Growth Manager

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Fresh Air Heals All!

Daily walks are great for the heart and mind! It's good to get away from your computer and outside for some fresh air to recharge the old batteries and come back with refreshed mind! Listen to your favourite music or podcast and get your daily steps in. - Lois, Product Designer

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Be Cosy; Be Focused!

Make your space as comfortable yet distraction-less as possible. Light a candle, get your fuzzy socks on but leave your phone in another room so you are not tempted to scroll through your feed or watch that new TikTok a friend just sent you. There can be lots of distractions with WFH! - Maria, Senior Designer

Get Up And Move!

Make sure you get up and move every so often! Set points in your workflow where you can take a quick break or even an hourly alarm to remind you to move your bones! An easy way is to relocate every so often! Work in an office or living room? Try the kitchen for a couple hours, or maybe a sofa, or better yet somewhere outside! - Matt, Marketing Manager

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Routine. Routine. Routine.

Create a WFH routine! I like to spend 45 minutes before I start my day, either by taking a walk with my dog or popping in headphones and listening to my favorite crime podcast. Check out "To Live and Die in LA" next time you are looking for something new to listen to.  - Bianca, Director of ProductSamples.com

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Drown out the background noise!

AI Powered background noise remover applications are an absolute lifesaver. If you have a noisy household invest in noise cancelling software. I personally use krisp.ai and it allows me to work from anywhere without worrying about background noise. With two boisterous kids and a Cockapoo my home is nothing but quiet. - Ade, Lead Product Designer

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